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5:32 p.m. - Friday, Feb. 09, 2007
Another Boring Entry
Went to the dentist today.

One of the diaries I was looking at in eBay was from 1978. The writing looked like an older person's. The entries ran something like this: "Got up. Had breakfast. Read the paper. Went for a walk. Watched some television. Went to bed." Day after day.

That's about how interesting my life is. Unfortunately, nobody will ever be able to sell this diary on eBay.

Yes, so I went to the dentist today, and found out I need some work, and I could either go for the cheap stop-gap version or the expensive long-term version. I decided on the expensive version.

Which is why I won't be buying any more diaries on eBay for a long, long time. No matter how boring they are. If I want a boring diary, I'll have to write it myself. I think I'm up to the task.


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